‘I Would Like To Be Radwa Ashour’


Translator Barbara Romaine was unable to make the March 22-23 conference on Radwa Ashour and her writing. She presents her tribute to a novelist of “exceptional humanity” here:

By Barbara Romaine

1959898_537536816361852_493279465_nI couldn’t tell you the date — some time in the spring of 1993 would be the best guess I could make.  I was at Dar el-Hilal, which was about a twenty-minute walk along Kasr el-Aini from the apartment where I lived during my year at the AUC.  I had gone to Dar el-Hilal simply to browse, to see what might be appealing, and for the pleasure of being completely surrounded by nothing but books for a little while. I picked up titles at random and looked them over, occasionally tucking one under my arm to purchase on my way out.  At one point, in a stack next to a window with bright sunlight streaming in (or that is…

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