Four Regimes, One Method

As one of those who were born in the 1980th my generation and I lived under four different regimes:

The first is the regime of Air Chief Marshal Hosni Mubarak and his family mafia

The second is the regime of Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi and his SCAF

The third is the regime of Dr. Mohmamed Morsi and his MB

The fourth is the regime of Judge Adly Mansour and Field Marshal Adbel Fattah el-Sisi

And there are a few similarities which are as next:

First gathering all those who always agree with them in everything around them to tell them things like “yes sir, you’re absolutely right sir, Amin”

Second bushing away everyone who’s different or who’s critical even if they’re criticism is out of love and good well

In addition to justifying their repeated mistakes and increasing failure by blaming the high population in Mubarak’s case, blaming  the counter-revolution and the universal conspiracy in both Tantawi’s and Morsi’s cases and blaming terrorism in Mansour’s and el-Sisi’s case without putting specific definition for high population, counter-revolution, universal conspiracy or terrorism

And the known end to the first three regimes and the expected one for the current regime is absolute failure to them and from bad to worse reputation for Egypt and the Egyptian people

If one of those four regimes sent its official representative to the media to say that the problem is not population or conspiracy or terrorism that the problem is that they thought that ruling Egypt is like a ride on Disney land and say that they’re failures and they’re sorry I would really respect and forgive that regime

Just a little honesty



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