Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt Is Dead


Died Today :

Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt , sister of king Farouk of Egypt , the last member of the royal family in Egypt in Alexandria , by old age and health impairment.

Her highness was born in November 2nd,1921

In 1939 she married the Iranian heir to the thrown Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who within tow years of their marriage became the Shah which made her the Empress of Iran and the mother of his first child Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi but shortly after that Princess Fawzia  returned to Egypt and insisted to get divorce and with support of her brother king Farouk she had divorce in 1945 and got married to Colonel Ismail Chirine the last defense minister of Egypt before the 1953 to revolution and they had tow children together and stayed together till his death in 1994.

Since 1952 Princess Fawzia left Egypt only once to see her daughter Princess Shahnaz


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