Terry Jones and the religion man’s task .. dated June16 2011

It wasn’t wise for the American priest Terry Jones to trial and burn the Qur’an at the same time of the Arabic revolutions against their rulers who destroyed their countries and purposely distorted the image of Islamists and at the same time the true face of the American administration was exposed by supporting those tyrants that has a big and scary result which is that Pastor Terry Jones is mentally ill and obsessed about fame worth pity but doesn’t worth hatred and Terry Jones was clearing this point it was obvious that he believed in the same point that Bin Laden believed in which is fight what’s wrong with what’s wrong and fight hatred with hatred
the religion man’s task in our times has tow important bases:-
the first is putting the religious preaching in a way that attracts as many people as possible from all ages and social groups
and second and most importantly taking care of his congregations and helping the needy,sick,widows and orphans
without those bases any papers that says that this person is religion man are just ink on paper,let alone wasting his energy that his should use in his original tasks in hating Islam and spreading it
at this point my personal point and judgments are over and an important question comes to Pastor Terry Jones:-
How will you explain to the Christ you claim to believe in the messenger of love and peace on earth wasting your and your congregations’ time in hatred,priest?

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