Ramadan in Egypt .. 3 August 2011

happy Ramadan everyone(although some people don’t want it to be happy)but its happy any way
fasting in Islam is a very hard worship
in Islam we believe that the human body and its needs are things in common between man and animal and that the human spirit and its needs are things in common between man and angels and from that point fasting has become a part of Islam as it become a part of every other religion in order to tame the physical desires and satisfy the spiritual needs to take humans a closer step to angels and a further step to animals
in Egypt the holy month is a very special occasion Egypt becomes even more beautiful than it already is people compete in charity and helping the poor streets get decorated with a lovely oriental decorations and lamps charity organizations get more busy than ever and so as Masjids
this year Ramadan is even more special this Ramadan is witnessing the trial of the century that will get all the tyrants of world nightmares plus being the first Ramadan after or during the revolution of change
this year we have a special meeting with Allah for change for justice for our countries
this year we have decided to obey Allah and be positive and optimistic
may Allah save the world,may Allah save Egypt



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