Important Introduction dated wed March 9th 2011

with the strangeness and acceleration of what is happening in Egypt blogging has become almost ordinary i started this blog when i saw how the members of the previous ruling party and the state security trying to have revenge and get us back and shake our safety and our faith in the revolution by spreading sectarian strife and burning it up by hiring thugs who have no religion

my name is Aya
i was born in 1989
i have lived the first 8 years of my life in el darb el ahmar neighborhood in the center of Cairo then i moved to jesr el swis wich is an almost shantytown and went to masr el gadida high school in the finest spot in masr eh gadida neighborhood a few Kms away from the presidential palace
the Egyptian educational system had me frustrated and lazy so i have just found my self studying management information systems and i am fund of p poetry and literature and also a photographing lover and i wish that photographing would be my career
excuse me for the prolong and expect more from me

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