Egypt a strange country and stranger people .. dated June18 2011

It won’t be just show of when I say that as an Egyptian I’m an heir of the biggest share of the world’s scientific,literary,cultural,political and military heritage and it’s not me who says it’s history
most of those who think of what I say as an overstatement also think that it’s just an honor because they don’t look at the unpleasant side of it which is that and because of Egypt’s location,history and fortunes Egypt has a very hard reality since the dawn of its history and Egypt was a prey to occupiers’ greed and the Egyptians from this point their mother is Egypt and their father is its hard reality so it hasn’t been a single generation in Egypt that hasn’t been though several natural and human disasters
Egyptians are strange people so in addition to their moody mom_Egypt_and their gloomy dad_Egypt’s hard reality_they have a stranger way than their strange reality to adapt
they are either on their feet working hard and strongly and strictly defending their land or asleep……and the strangest thing is that one minute you see them asleep and uncaring and suddenly you see them standing,working and singing for work and fight and their voice is shacking the earth exactly like what’s happening in the current revolution
when Egyptians sleep and let go of things it comes gradually and with a strong dictatorial regime
but when they rise and get to work it comes suddenly and willingly
Isn’t Egypt a strand country….with stranger people?


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