A Unique People And First Of A Kind Stuff .. dated June 12 2011

the Egyptian people is really one of a kind for it’s the only that can summarize it’s large events in jocks that are sometimes harsh and some other times bitter but always can make you laugh and cry at the same time and we saw many of them during the current revolution that i still say that it’s not over yet it wasn’t also the first or last first of a kind thing in the Egyptian history so anyone says that Egyptians are missing creativity is weather ignorant or purposely ignoring historical facts which is each of Egyptian revolutions and wars were on many levels first of its kind and the strange and sometimes painful is that even Egypt’s and Egyptian people’s problems are usually first of a kind so they require a first of a kind solution on that base
like what happened in 1964 when deceased president Gamal Abdel Nasser had to choose between the completion of the Aswan High  Dam to save the Nile river’s water and the future of its gift(Egypt)with it and sacrifice the temple of Abu Simble that part of the the great Egyptian history or the maintenance of the archeological landmark and forget about the Egyptians’ dream of the Dam and all its expected positive effects on the national economy and the lives of simple farmers
and since the problem was a first of a kind so the solution of dividing the temple and moving it carefully was also a first of a kind that has been proposed by an Egyptian artist that history has forgotten his name
so it isn’t surprising in our time and after our first of a kind revolution to ask for different and first of kinds solutions to our problems that seems to be first of a kind


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