A Massge To Tawfik Okasha .. March16,2012

Dear Sir Mr Doctor great media man Tawfik Okasha
After Asslamu Alaikum,regards and a million bad names that I want to call you in the face but_and lucky you_my manners keep me
I would like to introduce myself to you first
I’m an Egyptian girl who was born while the regime you defend ruled,studied in that regime’s schools when Mrs Mubarak’s pediatrician relative was the minister of Education and raised by this regimes media when your lord Safwat El-Sherief was the minister of media and I wanted to study mass media but you regime’s educational system destroyed my dream and for 5 years_cuze i repeated one of the years_I studied management information systems but now thank Allah and finally i study mass media
And as a mass media student I would like to tell you that you’re not a media man,not in the theoretical  standers that I study in college or the practical standers that I see in media and that you’re silence is relief to you and to the people and that your talk is harmful…and from now on every time you call my generation a bunch of junkei,freemason,badly raised and conspirator kids blame the regime that raised us for this.


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